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We all know that water is important, but those of us who are secure in our supply don’t typically give it much thought. Water is often taken for granted. It shouldn’t be. It enables, shapes and transforms our lives from the moment we are conceived until we cease to be ourselves. As we live, through all the activities that our lives entail, we cause many changes in the water resources around us. It’s a ceaseless cycle. The ways in which we transform water circle back to us with profound consequences.

Words on Water is here to explore why water matters to us. In doing so it will tackle a wide array of topics and will feature interviews that capture motivations and insights from people who work on water in different ways. All new posts will show up on the blog and there are static pages that catalogue interviews and reflections on written works, films and art. If you would like to contribute some words of your own, please let us know through the form on the contact page.

There are ecosystems and huge numbers of people that suffer for lack of good water supply. It’s a challenge for all of us to better understand our relationship with water and to use that understanding to help ensure waterborne dignity, health, security and opportunity for everyone. Engaging with this challenge means thinking about inequality, risk, deprivation, loss, suffering. It can easily become discouraging, so rather than focusing solely on the problems, this site will also focus on water in positive and less serious lights.

More than anything this is a place to share ideas, get inspired and learn more about water. The writing is intended for a diverse audience. Nobody is an expert in all things water and hopefully these pages will contain something engaging for whoever stumbles upon them.

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